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There are numerous instances where a Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan becomes essential, such as:

  • Granting a fresh lease that extends beyond 7 years.
  • Selling a leasehold property with a term that still has 7 or more years left.
  • Transactions involving land associated with an established Title or previously unregistered segments.
  • Fragmenting an existing Title into multiple portions.
  • Modifications in property outlines, like expanding into a basement, the roof, or adding extensions.

To align with Land Registry guidelines, a lease plan must embody the following:

  • An accurately scaled Lease Plan, preferably at 1:100 & 1:200.
  • A detailed Location Plan, at a scale of either 1:1250 or 1:2500.
  • An indication of the North Point.
  • Enough detailing for recognition on the Ordnance Survey map.
  • Inclusion of accompanying land elements like gardens, paths, and garages.
  • Clear differentiation of property segments like living areas, parking, gardens, bin areas, etc.
  • Depiction of varying floor levels when essential.
  • A broader perspective showing roads, landmarks, and road junctions.
  • Unambiguous markings of demised zones, communal spaces, and external areas.
  • Inclusion of a scale bar, a plan legend, and no disclaimers like 'for identification purposes only'.

If your lease's attached plan isn't compliant with the Land Registry, chances are it'll get declined. This can result in delays, requests for modifications, added expenses, and potentially redrawing the plan.

SurvEssex proudly extends Land Registry Compliant Lease Plans & Title Plans to a wide array of clients within the UK property domain:

  • Solicitors, Estate Agents, Developers, Surveyors
  • Commercial Property Enthusiasts, Student Housing Firms, Housing Associations
  • The realm of Care, Residential Homes, Leisure Industries
  • Insolvency Professionals, Investors, Management Corporations
  • From private landlords, shop proprietors, to individual clientele

With rates starting from £275, including a Measured Survey, SurvEssex offers transparent pricing based on property type, dimensions, and locale. Whether it's a cozy 2-bedroom apartment or a sprawling country residence, our prices reflect the nature of the property.

Experience prompt service with most plans delivered within 24-48 hours post the site visit, fully adhering to the Land Registry Practice Guide 40. For an accurate quote or more details on our Land Registry Plans, reach out to us.

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