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Party Wall Surveyor Benfleet

If You’re Looking To Carry Out Building Works That May Be Affected By The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 Then Speak With One Of Our Party Wall Surveyors Today.

  • Party Wall Notices.
  • Full Plan Check Of Architects Drawings To Ensure Compliance Within The Act.
  • Inspection Of Your or Your Neighbour(s) Home(s).
  • Schedule of Condition Reports.
  • Full Party Wall Awards
Party Wall Surveyor Benfleet

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Suzy McClintock
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Kevin and his team were extremely helpful and professional, gave detailed explanations of what was going on at each point in the process and ultimately completed the award to our satisfaction. They were also very respectful of our neighbour and gave good advice in terms of what we did and didn't need to agree to while still maintaining good relations.
Suzy McClintock
Via Google
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Kevin and his team were extremely helpful and professional, gave detailed explanations of what was going on at each point in the process and ultimately completed the award to our satisfaction. They were also very respectful of our neighbour and gave good advice in terms of what we did and didn't need to agree to while still maintaining good relations.
Via TrustPilot
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I came across this company after a google search and it does exactly what it says on the tin, fixed price and very professional. Communication was excellent and they kept me updated all the time. I would definitely recommend this company for any party wall agreement work .
Joseph Ajayi
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Kevin and his team at fixedpricepartywall are very affordable and stuck with the original price that they quoted from the beginning. I highly recommend that you use this service
Ian Grover
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Excellent service and value for money.
Olajumoke Johnson
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Fixed price party wall were very helpful and professional. They provided a great service at a great price. I would recommend them for whoever needs this service.
Services Provided

Our Party Wall Surveying Services

Party Wall Notices Benfleet

Party Wall Notices

Starting construction or renovation close to a neighboring property? Serving a Party Wall Notice is your first essential step. We draft and serve these notices, helping you maintain a positive relationship with your neighbours while protecting your rights.

Schedule of Conditions Benfleet

Schedule Of Conditions

Protect yourself from potential disputes over damages. Our detailed schedule of conditions provides a clear and comprehensive record of the neighbouring property’s condition before work begins. We ensure peace of mind with our meticulous inspections.

Party Wall Awards Benfleet

Party Wall Awards

The Party Wall Award is the cornerstone of a successful construction project. We offer expert guidance in drafting and serving these crucial documents, ensuring compliance and fostering goodwill. Our fair and unbiased approach is your key to a smooth building process.

Who Will Be Working With You?

Below Are The Details Of The Party Wall Surveyor You Will Be Working With

Kev Miller is a qualified Party Wall Surveyor who serves Benfleet in Essex

Senior Party Wall Surveyor - Surv Essex Ltd

Contact Details

Kev works primarily out of our head office branch at Thames Enterprise Centre however he is frequently travelling around the whole county of Essex conducting inspections and can regularly be found in one of our other branches.

We can therefore confirm that he will be assigned as your Party Wall Surveyor Benfleet. 


Call Us Today: 01268 923 632

Surveyors Name: Kev Miller


Kev has been an qualified Architectural designer for almost 30 years, working on commercial and residential construction projects ranging in value from 20K to 100M+ including prestigious projects such as the O2 arena, British Library, and The HSBC and Citibank Towers at Canary Wharf.


His residential design portfolio is incredibly diverse and includes a demolish and re-build project that was so spectacular it featured on a Channel 4 design show hosted by Sarah Beeny. 


He provides in depth planning and building control support to our clients and also looks after the Party Wall side of the business.


Having qualified as a Party Wall Surveyor in 2008 he has been heavily involved in the sector for the past 15 years and is the go-to member of the Surv Essex team for anything Party Wall related.  

Questions For a Party Wall Surveyor Benfleet

Common Questions And Answers

Party Wall Surveyor Benfleet: Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities

A party wall is a shared wall or structure between two properties, commonly found in semi-detached or terraced houses in Benfleet and across the UK. Understanding the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is crucial for property owners planning construction work that affects these walls.

A Party Wall Surveyor in Essex provides expert advice and services to ensure your building work complies with the Party Wall etc. Act. They play a critical role in resolving disputes and drafting party wall agreements between adjoining owners, safeguarding the rights and interests of all parties involved.

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 sets out the legal framework for carrying out building work near or on a party wall. It mandates property owners in Benfleet and throughout the UK to notify and obtain consent from adjoining owners before starting work, helping prevent disputes and ensure structural integrity.

To serve a party wall notice in Essex, you must provide written notification to your adjoining property owners at least two months before commencing any building work affecting a party wall. Party Wall Surveyors can assist in drafting this notice, ensuring it follows the legal requirements set out in the Act.

If your neighbor disagrees with the party wall notice, the Party Wall etc. Act requires the appointment of a Party Wall Surveyor to mediate and draft an agreement. Disputes are resolved through a fair and impartial surveying process, protecting the interests of both parties in Benfleet.

The cost of hiring a Party Wall Surveyor in Essex varies depending on the complexity of the work and the property involved. These professionals provide a range of services, from advice on the Act to conducting detailed wall surveys and resolving disputes between property owners.

A party wall agreement includes details of the proposed work, timelines, and measures to protect adjoining properties. It’s a legally binding document prepared by a Party Wall Surveyor to ensure compliance with the Act and to safeguard the structural integrity of the involved properties.

The duration of the party wall surveying process depends on the complexity of the work and the level of agreement between the parties. An experienced Party Wall Surveyor in Essex can provide a timeline estimate, ensuring all necessary surveys and agreements are completed efficiently.

Before starting construction work affecting a party wall, you must obtain consent from adjoining property owners. Failing to do so can lead to legal disputes and potential delays. Seeking advice from a Party Wall Surveyor in Essex ensures compliance with the Act and smooth progression of your project.

Owning a property with a party wall comes with specific responsibilities under the Party Wall etc. Act. These include notifying adjoining owners of any proposed work and ensuring that any construction work is carried out without causing unnecessary inconvenience or damage.

Party Wall Surveyors offer specialized services for commercial properties in Essex, addressing unique structural and legal challenges. Their expertise is crucial in managing party wall matters in commercial developments, ensuring compliance with the Act and minimizing disruptions to business operations.

Party Wall Surveyors play a pivotal role in resolving disputes between property owners. They provide impartial advice, conduct surveys, and ensure that all parties understand their rights and responsibilities under the Party Wall etc. Act, facilitating amicable and fair resolutions.

Even for minor work on a property in Essex, such as repairing a party wall or drilling to hang shelves, it’s advisable to consult with a Party Wall Surveyor. They can advise whether a formal agreement is necessary, ensuring that all actions are in line with the Act and avoid potential disputes.

While the Party Wall etc. Act applies throughout England, the approach to party wall surveying in London may differ from Essex due to variations in property types and construction methods. Party Wall Surveyors must consider these regional differences when providing advice and conducting surveys.

Follow-up surveys, conducted by Party Wall Surveyors, are crucial in assessing whether the work carried out has adhered to the agreement terms and has not caused damage to adjoining properties. These surveys provide a record that can be referenced in case of future disputes.

UK legislation, particularly the Party Wall etc. Act, directly impacts party wall surveying in Essex. It dictates the procedures property owners and surveyors must follow, ensuring that all building work near or on party walls is conducted legally and responsibly.

Party Wall Surveyors in Essex can offer valuable structural advice for properties undergoing construction or renovation. Their expertise is crucial in assessing how proposed works might affect a party wall’s integrity, ensuring that any construction maintains the safety and stability of the structure.

Party Wall Surveyors conduct various types of surveys, including initial condition surveys and follow-up checks. These surveys document the state of the party wall before and after construction, helping to protect the interests of all property owners involved.

Party Wall Surveyors in Essex collaborate closely with property owners to understand their construction plans and ensure they align with legal requirements. They provide essential guidance, from the initial planning stage through to the completion of work, ensuring that all parties are informed and compliant with the Act.

If you disagree with the findings of a party wall survey, it’s important to communicate your concerns promptly. You can discuss the issue with your Party Wall Surveyor in Essex, who can review the survey and provide further clarification or reassessment if necessary.

Party Wall Surveyors in Essex ensure compliance with the Party Wall Act by thoroughly reviewing all planned works, advising property owners on legal requirements, and preparing detailed agreements that outline the rights and responsibilities of each party.

Choosing Surv Essex for party wall surveying services ensures you receive expert, local knowledge combined with a commitment to quality and compliance. Our experienced team of surveyors provides comprehensive advice, detailed surveys, and efficient dispute resolution, tailored to the unique needs of Essex properties.