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About Us

Reduce expenses and ease worries, ensuring neighbours are well-looked after.

We pride ourselves on being principled Party Wall Surveyors, grounded in the core belief that the Party Wall Act was designed as a bridge to understanding, not a barrier creating disputes.

Every detail in our administration of the Act is handled efficiently and thoughtfully, ensuring that property owners — both seasoned and new to the process — find clarity and confidence.

Our distinctive method, honed by experience and a genuine desire to assist, is not just about adherence to regulations. It’s about ensuring a harmonious, equitable, and cost-effective resolution for everyone involved, always keeping the spirit of community and neighborly respect at the forefront.

We recognise the intricacies of Party Wall matters and aim to simplify them, guiding understanding owners smoothly through every stage.

Services Provided

Our Party Wall Surveying Services

Party Wall Notices

Starting construction or renovation close to a neighboring property? Serving a Party Wall Notice is your first essential step. We professionally draft and serve these notices, helping you maintain a positive relationship with your neighbours while protecting your rights.

Schedule of Conditions and Property Inspections

Protect yourself from potential disputes over damages. Our detailed schedule of conditions provides a clear and comprehensive record of the neighbouring property's condition before work begins. We ensure peace of mind with our meticulous inspections.

Party Wall Awards

The Party Wall Award is the cornerstone of a successful construction project. We offer expert guidance in drafting and serving these crucial documents, ensuring compliance and fostering goodwill. Our fair and unbiased approach is your key to a smooth building process.

A Diverse Ensemble: Expertise from Every Angle

Diverse Expertise Under One Roof: Property Surveyors, Party Wall Specialists, Engineers, and Architectural Designers Unite!

At the core of our firm is a specialized in-house team that brings together a wealth of expertise and experience. Our property surveyors meticulously evaluate and assess, ensuring each project’s foundation is robust. Our party wall surveyors navigate the complexities of the Party Wall Act, providing clarity and assurance. Meanwhile, our engineers infuse each undertaking with precision and technical excellence, and our architectural designers breathe life into visions, transforming them into tangible realities. Together, this dynamic team ensures that from conception to completion, our clients receive unparalleled guidance, efficiency, and innovation.

Ease into Action: No Complications, Just Clarity

Starting with us is a breeze! Pay only for your notices initially, and you won't see any additional fees until the award is firmly established. This straightforward approach ensures transparency and affordability right from the outset

Prompt Turnaround: Your Notices Prepared & Dispatched Within 24 Hours

Our commitment to efficiency doesn't stop at quick turnaround times. Included in our fee is the meticulous process of conducting Land Registry checks. This ensures that every single owner is rightfully acknowledged and presented with the correct, legally compliant notices. With us, you're not just getting speed — you're getting thoroughness and accuracy, every step of the way

Working Proccess

We give easy working proccess requirments

Step 1

Reach Out

Simply contact us to kickstart the process. We value your time and typically respond within an hour or two, ensuring your concerns are addressed swiftly.

Step 2

Notification & Clarity

We will either provide a fixed-price fee proposal for Building Owners or write to your neighbour advising of our appointment for Adjoining Owners.

Step 3

Serve or Respond to Notices:

For Building Owners, we’ll promptly prepare and dispatch Party Wall Notices. For Adjoining Owners, we'll respond to any notices you've been served.

Step 4

Detailed Inspections:

Our experts conduct thorough inspections, resulting in a comprehensive Schedule of Condition (SOC) report.

Final Step

Finalise The Details

Diligently, we'll prepare and issue the Party Wall Award, ensuring a smooth and efficient pathway for your project.

Party Wall Surveying Services

Why Choose Surv Essex?


Professional Integrity

We adhere to the highest ethical principles, believing in fair enforcement and open communication.


Fixed Fees and Transparent Pricing

With us, there are no hidden costs, only clear, upfront pricing.


Local Expertise

Our knowledge of South Essex and East London, paired with our deep understanding of Party Wall legislation, makes us your trusted partner.


Customer-Centric Approach

our satisfaction is our priority. We're responsive, approachable, and always ready to assist.

Whether you're a building owner, an adjoining owner, or a contractor, our services are designed to provide clarity, protection, and harmony. With our expertise, the Party Wall process becomes a collaboration rather than a confrontation. Contact us today, and let's build a path to success together.

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